Denise Moore

and then some

Front woman Denise Moore has led a distinguished life as a professional vocalist for more than 30 years, and her powerful voice is as captivating as ever.  In 1976, her musical career officially launched with Phil and the Blanks, featuring the Blanketts.  They performed original songs and swing tunes reminiscent of Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks.  Proudly, the band developed into one of the Athens, Georgia’s best-known college bands.

Denise eventually moved to Tampa to start a family, but she quickly reconnected to her musical roots.  She joined Paul Wilborn and the Pop Tarts, which became Tampa’s premier party-band of the 1980’s.  Before disbanding, the band enjoyed legendary popularity, appearing on a Gasparilla Pirate Festival float and an appearance with the well-known comedian George Carlin on New Year’s Eve.

With her professional background, impeccable vocal skills and absolutely luscious voice, Denise began fronting Denise Moore and Then Some in 1994.  The group began performing classic R&B and jazz; however, the ensemble truly excels in traditional jazz, as can be heard in the music samples from their 2003 live recording.

Denise partnered with Dan O’Hara, the musical director, to arrange most of the standards that makeup their musical selection. 

Collectively, Denise and Dan have led this dynamic ensemble to become an integral part of Tampa’s music scene.  Denise Moore and Then Some have played at such venues as the Jazz Cellar in Ybor City, Da Tulio’s in Palm Harbor, Michael’s on East in Sarasota and upscale clubs in Channelside.  Also, they notably opened Club 442, a swinging jazz Club near UT.  Their musical resume is riddled with festivals, such as the Gasparilla Sidewalk Art Festival, Einstein on Wine, Sea Grapes, Abilities Wine & Food Festival, Plant City Jazz Festival, Dade City Jazz Festival, Ybor Jazz Festival and many more jazz themed events.

In July of 2009, Denise was introduced to the famed Billy Marcus. A perfect musical match was made. Find out more about Billy 

The Murray Studio @ Ruth Eckard and the Palladium concerts with Billy have been very successful. Excerpts from both concerts can be heard here on this site.

In addition to fronting Denise Moore and Then Some, Denise was also a featured vocalist for the Tampa Bay Women’s Blues Revue for the past ten years.  In 2002, the ten-piece group of divas recorded “Tell it.”  The group received the Virginia Slims Diva award in 1999, which donated $10,000 to the Tampa AIDS network. To learn more about their mixture of rhythm and soul, follow this link to the Women’s Blues Revue.

With versatility and years of experience in entertaining the Tampa Bay area, Denise remains an ever-blossoming artist that is sure to delight her audience.